by Abdullah, Ansch, Lennart

    It was a very nice experience we had together to make the podcast. I can say that we were well organized that we were finished one day before handing out the podcast. As we first became the handout from Mr. Lübckemann we made a group call on the same day, and we planned our process. Our first goal was to write a script in the weekend and hand it out by Tuesday the 30th of November.
    And that was exactly what we did! So, our first goal was very well achieved! On our script was everything we needed, the tasks or the parts in the podcast were divided between us three. Every one of us knew what he had to do.
    On Friday the 10th of December, at the first 45 minutes from the English class, we had the time to compare our results and also to plan how to record the podcast.
    By Thursday the 16th of December, our podcast was recorded and ready to hand out. We are satisfied with our podcast in general and very happy with our team because we were always in contact, consequently when anyone of us had a problem we helped! The contact also between us helped us to keep an eye on the time, that’s why we were finished one day before handing out the podcast. It was quite easy to find information related to our podcast because the topic we chose was current and the news about it was everywhere.

    The most challenging thing for us was to keep the podcast as conversational as we can and also to manage the time, so everyone can have his speaking time (at least 02:30 minutes). If we are going to make another podcast in the future, we all suggest sitting together when we record the podcast and not to record every part individually.

    Abdullah said he faced some difficulties recording his parts, because his equipment wasn't enough to record a high quality podcast. Moreover, he liked this experience because this was his first time recording a podcast.
    Lennart said he really liked the exercise, because he did some podcasts before and knew what is relevant in it. In addition, he liked working in a group on an interesting topic like this one.
    Ansch also liked the exercise. He thought recording alone by himself is hard because he had to speak to a white wall. However, this great teamwork which we have done, he would do it over and over again.

    All in all, we had a very good time making this podcast, and we look forward to doing another podcast soon.

    Script of our Podcast.pdf


    Sources we used for my part in the Podcast:


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