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Informationsabend 2020:

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Wegen Bauarbeiten ist unsere Schule in den Frühjahrsferien vom 2. bis 13. März geschlossen. Anmeldungen für das Wirtschaftsgymnasium und die Nachqualifikation Englisch können Sie uns gerne per Post oder per E-Mail unter BS31@hibb.hamburg.de zuschicken.  

Ab Montag, dem 16. März sind wir in der Zeit von 07.00 Uhr bis 15.15 Uhr wieder für Sie da. Vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis!


For over fifty years the vocational college „Am Lämmermarkt", also called H2, has been one of the oldest and - according to the number of students - one of the largest vocational colleges emphasizing the study of economics in Hamburg.
Within three years, after graduating from secondary school, you can pass your Abitur (A-level). On average there are 350 students at the vocational college. The constant high number of applications shows that it meets the expectations of parents and students. There are usually five classes in every grade and a large variety of subjects are offered - such as Spanish and French as second languages or sciences like biology, chemistry and physics. However, business administration and economics are the subjects that distinguish H2 from other colleges.

New subjects, new teachers and new classmates give students the chance to open new doors.
The vocational college is a good choice, if they want

  • to qualify for university
  • to establish the basis for jobs in trade and commerce
  • to work independently.

Terms of admission:  

An average grade of at least 3.0 in German, maths and English and a total average of at least 3.0 (except physical education).

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